Youth co-create the Curriculum for Life

I have been working with Curriculum for Life as the Communications Lead Intern for three months and it’s been a meaningful ride. This internship let me connect both my passion and purpose: passion for creatives and purpose in education changemaking. Through CfL, I’ve encountered other young people of different backgrounds, interests and goals, but they’re all hands-on with CfL’s mission: making education adaptive to what we need right now.

In a virtual interview, I asked five young people who have been working with Curriculum for Life - some of them have been here longer than I have. I asked them to share how they feel about working with CfL in three words. The most frequent words young people used to describe their experience with CfL were insightful, engaging and creative.

Aditi Jacob, 17, a student in an International Baccalaureate school from Bahrain, shared that she felt the immediate connection to the sustainability aspect of CfL, and how it aims to provide an enriching curriculum to students in the future.

Gbolabo Femi-Jolayemi, 24, an education changemaker from Nigeria, shared that through his experience with Curriculum for Life, he was able to collaborate with people from different backgrounds. “We are part of the community, and you are feeling that you are not alone. No matter what you do, you have people who support you and guide you to where you need to be,” he added.

Listen to Aditi, Gbolabo and more amazing young changemakers on their testimonies working with Curriculum for Life:

Raven Frias

Raven Frias

Raven Frias is a youth leader, multimedia artist and lifelong learning advocate from the Philippines. She is currently pursuing her interdisciplinary masters degree in Learning Sciences in Université Paris Cité and Learning Planet Institute. She is the Communications Lead Intern of Curriculum for Life where she supports the organization’s mission through creatives, communication and research.

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