We are co-creating an open access Life Skills Learning curriculum for 6–18 year olds with an intergenerational community of learners, educators, parents and thought leaders.


We convene a community of learners, educators, parents/carers and thought leaders.

Their insights guide the focus, scope and structure of CfL on an ongoing basis.


We curate and select the best learning materials and practices into our curriculum design.

We use curation frameworks to gather, evaluate and tag resources effectively.


Using the curated material, our intergenerational and international team co-create the life skills curriculum using our ‘test-and-learn’ process.

This process is constantly refined to enable decentralised, scalable curriculum development.

Our ‘test-and-learn’ process follows several pathways:

Hover over each one to see our solution

Hover over each one to see our solution

  • Intensive Hackathons (2 days face to face)
  • Collaborative Curriculum Design Journey (3 month online)
  • Youth Feedback and Testing Circles (online global youth engagement)
  • Agile response groups that can convene expertise and evolve resources rapidly

Together, we ideate around a life skill topic, curate inspiring resources and create engaging learning activities. Our co-creation team trials the lessons and incorporates peer-to-peer feedback in an internal review.


Refinement involves weaving together a Life Skills Learning focus ensuring lessons are relevant and useful. We embed the best in andragogical methods to develop practical and active learning experiences. 

Lessons are reviewed within our network and piloted in the classroom. Feedback from teachers and learners supports iteration of content before publishing lessons on our platform.

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Below are the major themes that young people and educators in our network think should be part of the Curriculum for Life. Do you agree?