An opportunity to support a revolution in life skills education. 

Curriculum for Life plays a unique role in making Life Skills Learning available for every young person’s educational experience. 

With youth at our centre, learning resources are co-created by and for young people and educators in their settings. Resources created are open access so that everyone can benefit.  

Our network is centred around a small core team, co-funded collaborative partnerships and numerous contributors who volunteer their time and expertise. 

Supporting CfL helps us to grow a network that responds to the issues that young people encounter and offers a high impact return for donors.

Your donations will contribute to our core funding, and the following examples showcase our work.

Your support enables young people from different socioeconomic groups to participate in our intergenerational co-creation sessions, ensuring that we run an inclusive co-creation system with a globally representative youth voice.

With your help we are able to give teachers the tools and assistance they need to test out our resources and methods in their classrooms and other settings, allowing young learners to gain valuable life skills.

Your contribution supports the development and extension of our learning platform, which will make all CFL lessons, facilitation manuals, and user-friendly resources available to learners and educators worldwide at no cost.

Help us help others!

Do you want to empower a brighter future by supporting every young person to flourish?

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