Curriculum for Life

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We develop free life skills lessons for use in educational settings.

Our life skills learning journeys for young people of all ages are made up of 1 hour lessons that are easy to facilitate and adaptable to your needs.

The learning equips young people worldwide with the knowledge, awareness and skills to cultivate positive relationships with themselves, their communities, and the world they live in.

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Intergenerationally Co-Created

100% free to use!

Engaging & Experiential

Easy to implement


We work together with learners and teachers to create life skills lessons which work for them.


Our lessons combine expert insights, proven teaching methods, and the best of existing resources.


The lessons help learners develop life skills in a way that is fun, engaging and experiential.

Active Partnerships


Voices of Tomorrow: Youth Creative Futures Project

Join us in empowering the global youth community to share their visions for the future through the creative arts. Initiated by our Youth Circle, we’re seeking collaborators to make this vision a reality. Be part of our mission to champion a project crafted for youth, by youth—igniting creativity and fostering empowerment. Support us today and help amplify youth voices for tomorrow!

Foundational partners:

Supported by a UNESCO Chair, we are seeking funding to co-create 'Futures Thinking' lessons, to help young people develop future's literacy as a capability.

LSC's Life Skills Glossary is central to our work, and we have a shared mission to enable Life Skills development for all young people.

Global Action Plan continue to support us by sharing our resources through the Transform Our World sustainability education platform.

YxY have supported us in collaborating with youth globally, to co-create lessons and learn about their visions for education.

With Second Tree we'll co-create lessons that nurture life skills for interpersonal relationships and self-management among young refugees in Greece.

We are currently scoping out the co-creation of 'Inspiring Leadership' lessons to support young people as the leaders of tomorrow.