Curriculum for Life eases the way for effective delivery of Life Skills Learning.

Simple Delivery

A curriculum that is designed to complement existing curricula with no additional costs or training. It is a versatile curriculum that can be immediately embedded into your existing system. 

Flexibly Designed

Lessons are adaptable, designed with flexibility in mind to suit different ages, readiness and cultures. While the Curriculum for Life can be delivered as a whole coherent learning journey, lessons can also be selected individually according to the specific needs of schools and learners.

Minimal preparation

Our co-creation and refinement process takes the complexity out of delivering challenging topics in the classroom. By identifying essential content, we build lesson guides with fully resourced lessons that are ready to use.

Facilitation Skills

No specialist training is required to facilitate the Curriculum for Life lessons. We are committed to supporting coaching and facilitation skills development collaboratively where the need exists. 

Free Platform

Accessible and free at point of use, we are designing an easy to use platform which helps educators guide learners along their journey to develop skills that go beyond the classroom.

Interested in trialling Curriculum for Life in your school? Contact us to find out how