Call To Action: Involving Youth in Designing Education

I’m Raven Frias, a Filipina multimedia artist and a Masters student of Learning Sciences in Université Paris Cite. I’m currently the communications lead intern of Curriculum for Life, where I support CfL’s mission through creatives - documenting the organization’s processes and bringing it to life in the form of multimedia content.

As a youth leader myself and a lifelong learning advocate, I have always been fascinated by how enthusiastic and innovative young people are. If we give them - us - the platform and hear our voices in important matters such as designing education, we’ll get stronger ideas on how to create the future of education together.

To shed light on youth’s opinions globally, I interviewed five young people - all from different countries, who are amazing young leaders in their own way. I asked them the question, “Why is it important to involve youth in designing education?”

Andrew Speight, 19, a youth parliament member from the United Kingdom, emphasized that young people are very creative and they are the ones directly affected by the education system. Thus, if we let the youth have a seat at the table where decisions are being made, they will help make it better not just for themselves, but also for the future. Oda Holzknecht, 15, a youth climate action advocate from Germany, said the same and that of all people, it is the youth that will understand the next generations the best. 

Watch the interview of Andrew, Oda and more amazing young changemakers about youth involvement in education in this video:

Raven Frias

Raven Frias

Raven Frias is a youth leader, multimedia artist and lifelong learning advocate from the Philippines. She is currently pursuing her interdisciplinary masters degree in Learning Sciences in Université Paris Cité and Learning Planet Institute. She is the Communications Lead Intern of Curriculum for Life where she supports the organization’s mission through creatives, communication and research.

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