Our Mission, Vision and & Purpose


To equip young people to develop and thrive during and after their educational journey.


For 21st Century Learning to become a part of every young person’s educational journey, inspiring the next generation with the passion, confidence and ability to thrive in their own lives, in their local communities, and in society.

We seek to support schools to develop self-awareness and personal potential in all pupils, through the creation of an innovative 21CL curriculum model, informed by the latest thinking in education and coaching. The curriculum will be embedded in schools alongside the conventional school curriculum.



We are bringing together a richly diverse group of committed thought leaders and partners. We will have succeeded when we have an energised, dynamic and evolving ecosystem of contributors who respond to the needs of learners and practitioners.


We are building a deep, broad and navigable resource of learning materials and delivery methodologies compatible with 21CL. We will have succeeded when we offer an opensource resource of excellent content and cohesive learning materials that bring innovation and creativity in support of the learner and practitioner.


We are developing a learner centred curriculum that supports learners and practitioners in their contexts and settings. We will have succeeded when we provide a fully-fledged, adaptive curriculum framework that meets the needs of young people.

To achieve the above we have four strategic streams:

1. Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement

Convening the group of thought leaders, curriculum developers and practitioner specialists

2. Resource and Curriculum Development

Forming the team that employs the best available resources, modalities, concepts and opportunities to innovate and curates the navigable resource  

3. Practitioner Development and Delivery Capability

Forming a centre of excellence that, via research and co-creative activities, drives the optimal deliverability of the curriculum

4. Funding

Initially self-funded, we welcome collaborative working and funding from other educational bodies, stakeholders and supporters both for core activities and specific initiatives