To begin with, we are co-creating 12 foundational Life Skills Learning units.

Click on a unit to view the description and to access the lessons (Units A, B and F currently available).

A – Learning to Learn
Learning surrounds us, schooling accounts for a tiny part of the learning in our lives. Our experiences offer us moments to learn. The lives of Intentional learners are a learning experience, they are unconsciously in the learning mode and mindset, experiencing meetings and conversations as an opportunity to grow. We can become intentional learners by practicing the mindsets (e.g. growth and curiosity) and behaviours (e.g. reflection, deliberate practice, feedback) of intentional learning.

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B – Self Knowledge
As we grow and learn throughout our lives, it can be challenging to see and understand who we are becoming. We develop self-knowledge by examining our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. Knowing ourselves gives us the agency to live in alignment with our values, make thoughtful decisions and to act with authenticity.

F – Effective Leadership
Knowing how and where we learn best helps us build on prior learning experiences. In developing learning awareness, we can focus on replicating success in different contexts. As we master how to recognise ourselves in different learning stages, we can turn our attention to coaching others to do the same.


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