Our Team

We lead a collaborative process requiring the formation of agile teams and collaborative partnerships, working across the following strategic choices:

1. Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement

Convening the group of thought leaders, curriculum developers and practitioner specialists

2. Resource and Curriculum Development

Forming the team that employs the best available resources, modalities, concepts and opportunities to innovate and curates the navigable resource  

3. Practitioner Development and Delivery Capability

Forming a centre of excellence that, via research and co-creative activities, drives the optimal deliverability of the curriculum

4. Funding

Initially self-funded, we welcome collaborative working and funding from other educational bodies, stakeholders and supporters both for core activities and specific initiatives

The four strategic streams of activity have been initiated during 2020 in advance of this website being published in December 2020. Our agenda will gather pace during the first part of 2021.

Led by Dr Mario Peters and Peter Williams working with a first phase advisory group we are forming collaborations and partnerships to achieve our goals. If you are inspired by what we are doing and you or the institution you represent can play a role please contact us.

Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement Team

Dr Mario Peters, Chair ​

Mario started his career as a research scientist at Oxford University, where he worked in the field of space technology, developing scientific instruments for NASA space missions. He moved into education in 1997 and has since founded seven education companies including an international group of schools under the Oxford International College (OIC) brand, with six schools in China and Switzerland. OIC’s flagship school in the UK is currently ranked as the No 1 A-level school in the UK.

Through his immersion in academia, Mario recognised the growing importance for young people to develop ‘non-academic’ skills alongside their academic qualifications. This led to the founding in 2012 of The Youth Leadership Trust, the forerunner to the Curriculum for Life.

Peter Williams, CEO

Peter has a background in small businesses and business coaching. He has partnered with business schools and consultancies to support the development of people, teams and organisations internationally since 2008. A long-serving trustee in schools and educational charities, currently with the PSHE Association, he was co-founder of The Youth Leadership Trust in 2012 and part of the team that initiated the Curriculum for Life concept.

By convening a multi sector team of experts and collaborative partners from around the world he is dedicated to enabling the delivery of a transformative, progressive curriculum that reflects and responds to the needs and expectations of children and young people now and in the future.

Oliver Williams, Researcher

Oliver is a graduate in Liberal Arts and Sciences from the University of Utrecht and is currently pursuing an MSc in ‘Social Justice and Community Action’ at the University of Edinburgh.

Oliver is providing ongoing administrative and research support for the Curriculum for Life concept. As a researcher, he is analysing the evidence for how alternative, non-cognitive educational innovations are effective in addressing current shortcomings in national curricula around the globe.

First Phase Advisory Group

In late 2020 we are in the process of forming a team made up of individuals and organisations and will share details in due course.

We lead a collaborative process requiring the formation of agile teams and collaborative partnerships. Our advisory group continues to expand as the learning ecosystem develops.