The CFL Story

The fundamental question is: what do young people want and need to thrive in the 21st century? To find an answer, we looked to young people and those concerned with their wellbeing and the future: ​ 

  • We observed the calls for change in education coming from young people which are echoed by wider society


  • We explored reflections on the state of the world and the new realities young people face 


We asked ourselves: in terms of education, what would a response to these calls for change look like? 

  • Looking beyond mainstream curricula, we recognised that a response could involve contributions from a range of excellent, academically-proven educational content which already exists in different spheres of learning. (the word cloud?)


  • Due to the pocketed and specialised nature of these kinds of learning currently, we recognised an opportunity to convene the thought leaders in these spheres and to curate a fully sequenced, holistic curriculum with their learning content. This could complement mainstream education with new and innovative learning which stems from young people’s ongoing fundamental questions and needs.


  • With a commitment to democratising access to such education, we recognised the capacity of digital learning modalities to make this content accessible, tailored and responsive to the different contexts of young people around the globe.


  • With this methodology we envision this type of learning becoming a part of every young person’s educational journey, inspiring the next generation with the passion, confidence and ability to thrive in their own lives, in their local communities, and in society.​