What does Curriculum for Life stand for? Who are we? What do we want?

Curriculum for Life wants to equip young people to develop and thrive during and after their educational journey. We imagine a future where whole life learning is a part of every young person’s journey, inspiring the next generation with the passion, confidence and ability to thrive in their own lives, in their local communities, and in society. 


We have three purposes: convene, curate and create, guided by our principles to ensure everyone can benefit from whole life learning.



We are convening a community of young people, educators, thought-leaders and curriculum designers whose voices and insights guide the focus, scope and structure of CFL


We are curating and adapting the best of existing learning practices and inspiring ideas to enhance curriculum design and democratise access


We are creating holistic learning from the adapted curated material and enabling educators and learners to join us co-creatively in this process

Guiding Principles

Youth Led

We are led by the needs, expectations and hopes of young people today.


Many programmes exist that support the personal development of pupils. These tend to target either end of the demographic curve; at one end the ‘privileged elite’ generally in private settings, and at the other end the ‘at risk‘ and ‘underprivileged’. We are on a mission to ‘democratise’ access to personal development for all young people everywhere.


The creation of the C4L will involve curating and blending content that may originate from differing world views and perceptions. Our pluralistic approach is founded on diversity and inclusion, we have no single flag to fly.


Our work relies on collaborative working and open-minded co-creation, in service to the greater good. This manifests in positive compromise, learning together and conscious and diligent leadership.

Collective and planetary wellbeing

We recognise the urgency of the climate and ecological crisis and advocate the critical role played by education in responding to the new global realities.


Whole Life Learning

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