Creating the Curriculum for Life

Drawing upon the full spectrum of non-academic learning, we are creating a comprehensive curriculum for 21st Century Learning in schools (21CL). 

By convening an international coalition of thought-leaders and curriculum designers, we are curating and designing the curriculum young people are calling for. 

What Is 21st Century Learning?

21st Century Learning is our way of describing a learner-centred approach to non-academic learning drawn from a range of spheres. 21CL supports the development of the values, attitudes, skills and capabilities suited to the times we live in.


Leadership in all its myriad forms is a central theme within the curriculum; it over-arches and infuses all eight of the domains described below.

A precursor to Curriculum for Life, originally conceived in 2012, was called the ‘Awareness and Leadership Curriculum’.

…critical thinking – thinking skills – growth mindset – character education – thriving – creativity – innovative thinking – grit & resilience – social & emotional learning – applied project management – ethical inquiry – values development – systems thinking – learning skills – collective & planetary wellbeing – personal wellbeing – flourishing – leadership – management – philosophical & spiritual thought – positive psychology…

The Contributors

An international coalition of thought-leaders representing 8 domains of expertise will co-create content. The curriculum design team curate the content to form an age-appropriate and regionally adapted curriculum.

Contributors from the 8 domains build the resource bank of content and support a continuing cycle of curriculum development.

Curriculum Design Process


Teaching, Coaching and Mentoring

Merging the worlds of teaching and coaching is part of our agenda to serve the 21st century learner. By combining experts from the fields of education and adult learning and development we will provide access to a wealth of content relating to personal development, personal effectiveness and employability.

Pupils & Young People ​

Young people are both participants and active co-creators, bringing relevance to the content and delivery of the curriculum.

Personal Wellbeing

Setting the curriculum over an extended time frame offers great scope to develop habits that support wellbeing. Already offered in many schools, we are building on existing excellence to extend and enhance self-care as part of education.

Collective & Planetary Wellbeing ​

The curriculum will draw on educational insights and content from the vast array of organisations and individuals who are responding to current social, environmental and ecological challenges.

Organisations & Employers

Some of the most vociferous calls for change have come from employers. We will partner with organisations interested in better equipping young people for the modern workplace.

Philosophical Thought and Spiritual Insight

We will provide resources that support the learner’s deeper faculties and the exploration of the ‘big’ questions inherent in personal awareness and development.

Psychology & Child Development

Many therapeutic and educational interventions support the development of social and emotional wellbeing for young people. Support from this domain informs curriculum design and provides learners with the psychological tools they need throughout their educational journey.

Cultural Life ​

The cultural sphere offers rich reference points for young people that present opportunities for life lessons, role models and relatable stories. The opportunity lies in curating relevant, engaging and inspiring educational content.